Inside Insanity's
Current Cast Members

(This section is under construction, and some of the stuff here is exaggerated.)

[Arielle's Photo] Arielle is a pxlgrgll jkamzx crmeg uiotmc efueue ruie ew uiwcf bfyqfcunx gfruiqw e x umxn cffui qwnery fucrfm qwinx yqfnxhx fnerhyw cgfyugm niwet gtwgern qcgyu erimog ynrymcu iegciutm nedyuig xdnu twerui cruei ruiuir pbdf. I'm sorry, my cat walked across the keyboard. Arielle is not Christine, contrary to popular belief.
[Bonnie's Photo] Bonnie, our Columbia, screamed "Eddie!" recently at a Meat Loaf autograph signing, much to the wonderful surprise of Mr. Loaf. She spends her spare time working on costume design for the high school play, and yelling tons and tons of lewd obscenities at the local New Jersey-ites.
[Christine's Photo] Christine is a silly happy little artist/singer/poet who enjoys making her pigtails stand up. She wants to be Dot Warner when she grows up, but her ultimate goal is to find a man who will spank her like the naughty little monkey she is. Pastimes include whining "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" P.S. I'm not Arielle, dagnabbit!
[Corey's Photo] Corey
[Dan's Photo] Dan
[Eric's Photo] Eric has been playing the part of Rocky since the cast was formed (October 1992). He currently works for the U.S. Postal Service and is working to improve their arsenal, because he has the opinion that the current standard issue .357 Magnums leave them significantly unarmed.
[Erica's Photo] Erica
[Erin's Photo] Erin drives a big van. She is only in the cast to drive the other cast members to Rocky. We like her, despite what previous cast profiles have said about her.
[Heidi's Photo] Heidi is the Halogen Harlot of the cast. She sits in front of the theatre every week controlling the lightboard so all the audience can see the show, and so the actors on stage can't see the audience. She gets into the show through the help of her own personal Rocky (her "other half", Eric).
[Holly's Photo] Holly
[Jack's Photo] Jack - Nobody knows what he's really like, but everyone says he's great.
[Jeremy's Photo] Jeremy is a nice insomniac. He has an infatuation with chickens. His best friend is a chicken that lives in his pocket. He plays the Criminologist and sometimes Rocky, a Transylvanian and Riff Raff. Most of the cast think he's related to Animal and/or Brak.
[Liz's Photo] Liz is our Janet, and the cast Animaniac (she's Dot). She's started as a Transylvanian in May of 1994, adding considerable humor to the cast. Her favorite (and most-heard) quotes are "Bleah!" and "Eulhhh!" Once she learns how to roller-blade better, she won't bleed so much.
[Louis' Photo] Louis has been with the cast since its debut in October 1992. He is quite the cast "mad scientist". All the props are (quite boastfully) made by him, as well as the lighting system. He enjoys his part as Brad Majors, but sometime wonders how he got himself into all this Insanity!
[Marc's Photo] Marc has been playing Riff Raff for more than a year now. He worships Marilyn Manson, any super-hero (it's a spandex thing) and The Undertaker. Marc operates under the assumption that he has great legs. Please don't tell him. Marc's goal is to become the eighth Endless.
[Royce's Photo] Royce is on our tech crew, and he happens to be a self titled Renaissance man (who hopes that that's true). A literary, visual, performing and martial artist who hopes that his writing and art will be recognized as anything, but bad, in the future to come.
[Sabeian's Photo] Sabeian
[Susan's Photo] Susan - When I was young, I knew a strange man. He lived down the street from me. He had a Chihuahua that he named after Grady from Sanford & Son. I wish I had a pony.

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