A Virgin's Guide to the
Rocky Horror Picture Show

So your a  [Photo] Virgin!

Welcome to the Party!

If you're reading this, you've probably already admitted to being a "virgin", or maybe your friend ratted you out. In any case, one thing is true: You've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a movie theatre before.

Now, that's the important part... "in a movie theatre." If you've only watched it on your TV, well, as we like to say, "And they say masturbation isn't dirty!" But now you're here. (Heh heh heh.) Maybe your friends said, "Hey, let's go see it!" (Are you wondering why you listened?) Maybe you're looking for a dark corner to share with your Significant Something-or-Other. (You won't find it.) Maybe you were minding your own business leaving the last movie and got roped in by those weirdos carrying bags into the theatre. (No, they aren't moving in.)

You're in for a very... special... night. For tonight... You are about to witness a breakthrough... in biochemical research... and yourself. Tonight, you stop being a RHPS virgin. You lucky person, you.

What A Virgin Needs:

No, not that! (Besides, we're all out.) We mean...

Props: If you've never seen this, you probably didn't bring anything with you. Oh, well, you can bring it next week!
And Here's what to bring:

  • Rice (uncooked)
  • Newspaper
  • Matches, Candles, Lighters, or Flashlights
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Noisemakers
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bell - Toast
  • Playing Cards...

Don'ts: Don't bring a super soaker type water gun. It will be taken away, and returned after the movie. Please fill water guns at the theatre, with water. And don't forget, please, please, don't squirt cast, especially in the face. Our costumes and makeup don't like water. Don't throw confetti. Also, don't throw frankfurters, meatloaf, or any meat product. (please).

Very Important: Do Not throw anything at the stage, screen, or cast! We're only fragile figments of your overtired imagination, and if the screen rips, we're all kicked out. (Nothing to show the movie on.) If you're in the front, throw towards the back. If you're in the back, throw forward - not hard! And remember: don't throw out, throw up! (Not literally.)

And now... on to the experience!

The Rocky Horror Experience:

A few things to remember during the movie...

People will be yelling things at the movie! If you're looking for a movie to Just Watch, you're in the wrong place. There will also be a cast in front of the screen and in the aisles.

YOU should be yelling things at the movie! This is an Audience Participation show... You, my dear, are a part of the Audience! If you don't participate, who will?

If you think of something funny to yell, yell it! We don't discriminate, we don't get abusive, and if we like it, we'll keep it. (We only steal the very best.)

Dance the Time Warp! Don't know it? We'll teach you! (It's easy.)

Sample things to say: When Brad (that's the guy with the glasses) appears, or introduces himself, a yell of "Asshole!" is always appropriate. For Janet (she's the blonde in pink) a cry of "Slut!" is proper. Comments on the Criminologist's neck are good. (He doesn't have one. That's the joke.)

Also check out the Insanity Insider for other lines. And remember, if you think of something to say or if you have something from the Audience Participation album that you like, go ahead, yell it! Have fun!!!

Created by by Stephanie Pasterchick with assistance from Lee Something-or-Other
Thanks to Geoff DePew for the original text he wrote


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