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Rocky Horror News

It looks like there will be a moratorium on the sale of the RHPS video. The plan is to re-release it at the end of the year with "Superheroes", "Once in a While" and rare footage from the previously released laserdisc package.

The recent multiple showings of RHPS on Comedy Central was a mistake. This was brought about by a new 'clueless' exec at Fox. Lou Adler wants to assure you that everything will be done in the future to maintain the integrity of the film.

Barry Bostwick and his wife Sherri Ellen have just had a baby girl named Chelsea. This is their second child, they have a son named Brian.

Richard O'Brien has just returned from Australia where he has filmed a role in the sci-fi thriller DARK CITY. He is also recording a CD of his show "Disgracefully Yours".

"Little" Nell Campbell will be appearing in the new film version of "Great Expectations".

Susan Sarandon is filming "The Magic Hour" with Gene Hackman and Paul Newman.

Midnight Insanity of Long Beach is hosting a big RHPS Convention in June. Check their web page for more info.

Important Dates in RHPS History
January 5 - Brian Thompson's Birthday
January 16 - Michael White's Birthday
February 14 - Jonathan Adams's Birthday
February 24 - Barry Bostwick's Birthday
March 10 - RHS Broadway Premiere, Belasco Theater, 1975
March 12 - Jim Sharman's Birthday
March 25 - Richard O'Brien's Birthday

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